Do you know the best ways to help your child decode an unfamiliar word?

What should you do when your child struggles to comprehend a text?

Do you really understand what a "Level G" means?

Are you unsure of why your child spells a word correctly for Friday's test, but misses that same word next week?

I coach parents to assist in their children’s literacy development. I believe that with a bit of support, parents can become more actively involved in, better prepared to, and more effective at supporting young readers. I will show you engaging, research-based ways to improve your child’s reading – without commercial workbooks or costly tutoring.  I empower you to support your children – from toddler to preteen - as they develop into proficient readers.


+ What is parent coaching?

I offer parent coaching to families who homeschool, as well as families who simply want more knowledge, skills, and strategies to support their readers right at home.

+ What do you offer with parent coaching?

The following menu showcases some of my offerings:

  • Books for Babes: Emergent Literacy Practices
  • She Reads It, but She Doesn’t Get It: How to Support Your Child’s Comprehension
  • Words Their What? Understanding the New Spelling Curriculum
  • My Child is a Level H: What Does that Mean?
  • A Good Thing Even Better: Building on Your Home Literacy Practices
  • Stopping Summer Setback: Promoting Literacy When School is Closed
  • Making the Most out of Your Bedtime Story
  • Dealing with Data: Interpreting My Child’s Work
  • Reluctant Readers: What to Do When Kids Resist Reading
  • WATE for LATR: Understanding Kids’ Spelling

+ What should I expect from parent coaching?

I offer a variety of coaching options. I will explain key terms, examine your child’s work, brainstorm solutions, and model easy-to-implement strategies. As you see me explain, model, and walk through the essential components of early childhood and elementary literacy development, I empower you to be a partner in literacy. My sessions feature the following:

  • Fifty minute face-to-face sessions
  • Candid and confidential conversations
  • Intake questionnaire / conversation enabling me to tailor coaching sessions directly to your questions and needs
  • Sessions conducted as individuals, couples, or in small groups
  • Watch and learn: You watch as I model strategies with your child
  • Try it out: I watch you and provide feedback
  • Post session follow-up by phone / email